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Shipping policy

At we use the following shipping options:


2-4 weekdays (Sweden); 2-7 weekdays (EU); 5-10 weekdays (International ex EU). Delivery to your mailbox. Requires a population registration address or correct c/o address. Customs and related expenses are paid by the customer.

Shipping prices:Sweden 55 SEK; Europe €12; International outside Europe:€ 20.

Your order is sent as a so-called Product Letter with the receipt. If you wish to receive your delivery without a receipt, you can make that choice in a link Postnord sends to you in connection with your delivery.

On so-called red days and public holidays, the delivery time can be delayed due to high loads at the shipping companies. If the item you ordered is in stock, we usually send it within 1-2 working days. The shipping company's delivery time is added and depends on where in the country you live.

In case of delivery problems, please contact Postnord: +46 771-333 310

Delivery to agents

If delivery takes place to a representative, your shipment will remain with the representative for seven (7) days, after which it will be returned to us. We will then charge a fee of SEK 200/€ 30 for unredeemed packages.


We can not send packages to the mailbox. In order for us to be able to send an order, it is required that we have a valid street address.

Send goods without receipt

If you can choose shipping options"without a receipt", neither the shipping company nor Dogmatters will take any responsibility for the order after the item has been delivered to you. During the transport to you, we are responsible for the shipment, but when the shipping supplier has placed the order, it is counted as acknowledged. If your order should disappear or be damaged after cancellation, you have no right to compensation from either the shipping company or Dogmatters. Only select this option if you feel confident that your item can be left outside your door before you have an opportunity to receive it.

If a door code is needed, enter it at the checkout so that the shipping company will arrive at your door, otherwise the package will be returned to Dogmatters, at your expense.

Track packages

When your order is sent from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation to your e-mail address. The delivery confirmation contains a tracking link that you can click on to track your shipment.

Free shipping

Free shipping applies when ordering> SEK 800 (SE),> € 120 (Europe) and> € 150 (International outside Europe).

Unredeemed package

For packages that are not redeemed at a representative, we reserve the right to charge you the costs for return shipping, handling and handling fee of SEK 200/€ 30.

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Postal address:Box 58, 39120 Kalmar, Sweden.

Return address:Furulidsvägen 15, 394 77 Kalmar, Sweden.