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Due to a herniated disc, Gösta has difficulty walking with both a collar and a harness. With Dogbelt it works great ./Elin with Newfoundland Gösta.

Dogbelt makes Scilla sniff more naturally, I think, like when we have her loose in the woods./Alva (Big Poodle)

It felt unusual at first, but there are obvious benefits, especially for the dog when she is not strangled, and for the walk to be calmer. It also works well when she fulfills her needs./Kenth with Boxer Selma.

Leia pulls less on the leash with Dogbelt compared to her normal harness. It's so much easier to walk her now. She is also completely unaffected by wearing it./Åsa & Lasse with German Shepherd Leia.

I do not feel that she is in any way limited in her activities by Dogbelt during walks, ie I do not notice any change in her sniffing, peeing, pooping or going up in trot for short periods./Anna with Riesenschnauzer.

Thriller (Australian Shepherd) usually goes loose without a leash. With Dogbelt, there is no difference in how he behaves, he is completely unaffected, he hunts rabbits and fulfills his needs./Signe.

Comments from veterinarians

-Dogbelt allows the dog to communicate more freely with his head and front body. This can lower the dog's levels of stress and aggression when you meet other dogs.

-Many dogs always use the same collar or harness, which strains the same joints, muscles, bones and skin. Dogbelt offers variation and relief from this.