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What are the advantages of Dogbelt over collars and harnesses?

-There are six distinct advantages to Dogbelt:

1. The dog can never be strangled or injured in its sensitive neck / neck.

2. The dog becomes freer to move its front body, which it uses to communicate with other


3. When the dog becomes freer to communicate, it also becomes less stressed in encounters with other dogs, which reduces its aggressions.

4. Most of the forward force comes from the hind legs. If the dog pulls on the leash, Dogbelt

will lie down against the hind legs, which reduces the force that can be generated, which

means that both dog and owner need to resist with less force.

5. Softer than a necklace - easier to put on and set up than a harness.

6. Developed with the best materials for maximum comfort and safety for your dog.

What does your "30-Day Satisfaction-Dog-Guarantee" mean in practice?

-It means that you can return Dogbelt to us within 30 days from the date of purchase, and get your money back for the product, regardless of whether it is used or not.

About Dogbelt

Does Dogbelt fit all dog breeds and sizes?

-Yes, it is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. Here you will find the size chart for your dog:

When can Dogbelt be used?

-It is primarily developed for walking. We recommend that you remove it when the dog is sitting, lying down, driving or otherwise not walking.

Can Dogbelt be used in all environments?

-We use it for walks everywhere. However, the freedom that it gives your dog and you is probably optimal in a calmer environment, with fewer dogs and people, for example in a park or in the woods.

Can Dogbelt harm the dog?

-In case of incorrect handling, such as jerking or pulling on the leash. All types of equipment can harm the dog. When used properly, Dogbelt is probably the most gentle thing you can put on your dog. Keep in mind that the dog is above Dogbelt in the beginning, just as she was like a puppy with a collar and harness.

How can you say that Dogbelt is gentler on my dog than collars and harnesses?

-Dogbelt is designed to be gentle on your dog's joints, skeleton, skin and muscles. Since it ends up on the dog's hip when pulling on a leash, for example, there are fewer sensitive parts that can be damaged, compared to the neck / shoulders and shoulders / shoulders. Dogs are strong in the back of the body, as the forward force is generated mainly in the buttocks, when the lower back, abdominal muscles, hips and hind legs work together.

My dog probably has a whiplash injury / disc herniation, which makes walking painful. Is Dogbelt an option?

-Yes absolutely. Dogbelt does not strain the neck or front body of the dog.