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  • 36.20 EUR

  • When you alternate harness/collar with Dogbelt, your dog's front body is unloaded so that joints, muscles and sceleto azre recovered.
  • Dogbelt has been developed in Sweden in collaboration with veterinarians and dog injury researchers, and has been tested for a long time for one year, and in 15 dog breeds.
  • Patent pending.


  • Dogbelt consists of strong Corduraâ„¢, in a special variant that is flexible and gentle on bare skin. 
  • The padding consists of recycled foam in a custom design to maximize the dog's mobility.
  • To prevent the Dogbelt from slipping on the dog's fur, there are two sections of special textile on the underside. 
  • The buckles in metal consist of nickel-free alloy and are spot welded for maximum durability. 
  • The straps and the entire Dogbelt are strength tested to withstand your dog's strength.

Benefits of Dogbelt:

  • The dog can never be strangled or injured in its sensitive neck and throat.
  • The dog becomes more free to move its front body, which it uses to communicate with other dogs.
  • When the dog becomes free to communicate, it also becomes less stressed in encounters with other dogs, which reduces its aggressions.
  • Most of the forward force comes from the hind legs. If the dog pulls on the leash, Dogbelt will press against the hind legs, which reduces the force that can be generated, which means that both dog and owner need to resist with less force.
  • More comfortable than a collar - easier to put on and set up than a harness.
  • Developed with the best materials for maximum comfort and safety for your dog.